Introducing nCube - The Energy Saving Smart Home System

nCube is a next generation Smart Home platform that gives you control of lighting, heating, hot water, anything that you plug in and even security & safety devices in a single integrated consistent experience.  But that’s not all – the real advantage is using nCube to save energy costs: why do we heat the whole house when the bedrooms aren’t used during the daytime, do you know which lights are costing the most, how can you easily save energy wasted by devices left on idle, how can you incentivise your children to save energy? 

nCube combines control, automation and energy information about almost any device connected and even per household member so you can easily make energy savings decisions.

Unlike other systems nCube doesn't need to be installed by an expensive installer and better still, as nCube is so flexible, you can choose to start with any of the devices and simply buy more at a later date.  The flexibility of nCube even means you’re not locked into a single manufacturer in the way other systems lock you in – nCube supports a wide, and growing, range of devices from leading manufacturers.